RV Furnaces

An RV furnace is a vital component, providing warmth and comfort during cold adventures. However, like any mechanical system, it can encounter issues that disrupt its function.
RV furnace

Understanding common problems and adopting proactive maintenance practices can ensure your RV furnace operates efficiently when needed, keeping you cozy on chilly travels.

Common RV Furnace Problems

Ignition Issues:

One of the most frequent problems with RV furnaces is difficulty in ignition. This may manifest as the furnace failing to ignite or experiencing a delayed start, often due to issues with the igniter or the gas supply.

Inadequate Heat or No Heat:

Insufficient heat or a complete lack of warmth can indicate various issues, such as a faulty thermostat, a clogged air filter, or problems with the burner assembly.

Noisy Operation:

Unusual sounds, such as rattling, squealing, or banging noises during furnace operation, could point to problems with the blower motor, fan, or other internal components.

Short Cycling:

Furnaces that turn on and off frequently, known as short cycling, might be caused by issues with the thermostat, air flow restrictions, or overheating components.

Pilot Light or Flame Sensor Problems:

A malfunctioning pilot light or a dirty or faulty flame sensor can cause the furnace to shut off unexpectedly, disrupting its heating cycle.

Essential Maintenance for RV Furnaces

Regular Inspections:

Conduct routine visual inspections of your RV furnace. Look for signs of wear, rust, or corrosion. Check the burner assembly, blower motor, and other components for any visible issues.

Air Filter Maintenance:

Keep the furnace air filter clean and replace it regularly. Clogged filters can obstruct airflow, leading to reduced heating efficiency and potential furnace problems.

Cleaning and Lubrication:

Clean the furnace components, such as the burner assembly and blower fan, and lubricate moving parts as recommended by the manufacturer to maintain smooth operation.

Professional Servicing:

Consider scheduling professional furnace maintenance annually or before the start of the heating season. Technicians can conduct thorough inspections, clean components, and address any potential issues.


Maintaining your RV furnace in optimal condition is essential for a comfortable and cozy experience during cold weather outings. By performing regular inspections, keeping filters clean, and addressing issues promptly, owners can mitigate common furnace problems. Prioritizing routine maintenance and seeking professional servicing when needed ensures that your RV furnace operates reliably, providing warmth and comfort on all your chilly adventures.