Right Onsite RV Repair company started as an answer to a couple of very common problems RV owners experience:

1. What to do when something breaks or malfunctions and you are hundreds of miles away from home!
2. You need a service ASAP but your dealership is booked for weeks!

These were exactly the problems that our aging parents experienced many times while they were avid RVers. Company’s founder Alan White has seen it all. Years ago when he had to fix his Mom’s and Dad’s motorhome he realized just how big of an issue it was for the RVers everywhere.
Let’s face it, RVs break all the time. They don’t care if you are out in the mountains where sometimes there is not even a cell phone reception, let alone RV dealership, available. Being stuck is not a good situation, no matter whether you are in the midst of a beautiful mountain scenery or somewhere along the Florida coastline.
That’s why after extensive and rigorous training, Alan received all the needed certifications and opened his company in order to serve people like you: to fix your RV and let you enjoy your time RVing without unnecessary anxiety and stress.

Since 2015 Alan has been an RVIA/RVDA Certified Technician, licensed and insured in the states of Georgia and Florida.
He doesn’t ever stop at the basics as he continuously studies, trains with the best in the field and keeps in the know of the latest industry developments and standards.
Alan cares deeply about his customers and his reputation. Together with his professional appearance and pleasant attitude his customer service is top-notch. He believes that living by the Golden Rule and treating others the way you want to be treated is a surefire guarantee to a long-time success in business and in personal life.